The Indivisible Yolo and Sister District CA-3 Text Team has support to answer your textbanking questions!

Textbanking is a fast and effective way to reach  people via text rather than by phone. Also known as peer-to peer texting, textbanking utilizes web-based programs which allow you to reach a large number of voters.  You can text from the comfort of your home or on the go when it is convenient. 

Get started today

Because finding workflow a few short weeks to the election requires familiarity with multiple texting platforms, we are directing brand new volunteers to phonebanking.

In the remaining time before election day, the Text Team is focusing on mentoring texters who are already signed up with various texting organizations but who would like additional tips and guidance on those texting platforms.

On THURSDAYS from 12-2 SATURDAYS from 10-12 are open meet-ups on Zoom for all texters. This is a time for people to hang out “together” while sending text messages and chatting informally. No formal training will be provided, but if you have been trained by us or other texting platforms and you have some questions or have hit a roadblock in your texting, this is a great place to ask and learn. Bring your questions about texting to the meet-up and our trainers will be happy to help you, either with the group, or one-on-one in a breakout room. You do NOT need to register for meet-ups! You can stay for as little or as long as you like.

Our schedule of texting meet-ups is on our calendar​.

Private, convenient and Covid-safe

Textbanking and training are entirely virtual – no in-person meetings are ever needed and once you are trained, you can do it whenever fits into your schedule. You do not use your phone or your phone number, so your privacy is protected.

Want more resources?

For those of you looking for more textbanking opportunities, we recommend these great organizations for training and ongoing texting:

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