Neighborhood tapas * Book Clubs * Huddles
Work Lunch Hours * Parent Meet Ups

All over the country people are taking action with their neighbors, friends or colleagues. Decide how you want to take action…

Message one friend and plan to meet at the next Indivisible event. Or invite a small group to form a huddle. For a sample agenda, go to the huddle page of the women’s march.

Our suggestions:

  • Make it fun, social and part of your routine.
  • Welcome any new faces with introductions.
  • At initial meetings, share why you came. What means the most for you? Our actions are large, but our reasons personal.
  • Take action at the gathering. Make calls together, make signs or write postcards.
  • Snap a photo of your group in action and share on social media.
  • Close by planning your next get together.