Indivisible Yolo In Action

Indivisible Yolo’s mission is to promote progressive policies by activating people to engage in their democracy at all levels of government. We organize and advocate for our policy goals and to get out the vote to elect candidates who pursue those policies. These complementary efforts ensure our democracy works for everyone and that those in power do, too.   

As an all-volunteer organization, we work to welcome and support volunteers.  We provide opportunities for meaningful action, education, and skill-building, while respecting everyone’s time and energy. We connect with people who share our values to nourish our collective commitment and create a politically powerful community that works together to multiply our impact and accomplish more through teamwork. 

Our volunteer efforts generally follow the two-year congressional and legislative cycle, with one year focused primarily on electing progressive candidates and the other year more focused on advocating for progressive policies with our representatives.  Volunteer Involvement in both processes – the voter contact cycle and the advocacy cycle – are keys to a robust, fully-inclusive democracy.  

We are part of a broad and strong progressive movement. We strive to work in alignment and coalition with other groups, particularly those with issue-based expertise, and to take action together at timely moments to build momentum to effect change.