In partnership with  Sister District Yolo (SDY) we make thousands of voter contacts each election cycle through 3 voter contact teams: Walk Team, Call Team, and Text Team. In 2022, our work is driven by the following priorities:

  1. Increase the Democratic majority in the US Senate.
  2. Hold the Democratic majority in the US House
  3. Win Democratic majorities in state legislatures
  4. Protect our democracy
  5. Expand reproductive freedom

Walk Team

Canvassing is the best way to reach people and turn out the vote. Whether it’s local or out of state, canvassing is where it’s at. Walk Team Yolo, a joint project of Sister District Yolo and Indivisible Yolo will be knocking on doors to talk to voters in critical California congressional districts and in Nevada. If you’ve never tried it, come with us – we’ll make it fun and you’ll get a walk in, too!

Voter registration is also an important tool for the walk team.  We are organizing voter registration events at some of the local college campuses (e.g., Woodland Community College, Sac State, CSU Stanislaus, UC Merced, Sacramento City College).  Getting students to register to vote, for the first time, is setting them up for lifelong voting.

Call Team

Phonebanking creates personal connections that make a difference. Calling voters is the next best thing to meeting them in person.  If you can’t canvass, you can join with fellow volunteers on Call Team, a joint project of Sister District Yolo and Indivisible Yolo, to call targeted voters in our Zoom-based phone banks. You’ll be supported every step of the way with training on the tools, information on the candidates and new friends to work alongside.

Text Team

Is texting more your thing? Text Team, a joint project of Sister District Yolo and Indivisible Yolo, hosts text team meetups, in-person or on Zoom to support our community of volunteers who are using peer-to-peer texting to reach voters and elect progressive leaders. 

We’ve learned a lot, changed the face(s) of our political landscape, made new friends – but it’s not enough – yet. 

We regularly update training, opportunities, and resources via our Link Tree.

Write Postcards

Writing postcards to voters is a beloved voter outreach method for many of our volunteers. Handwritten postcards help turn out the vote, register voters, promote vote-by-mail, and remind people which candidates share their values. Get signed up today to write postcards through the Postcard Team, a project of Sister District Yolo.