“My congresspeople are progressive. Should I bother calling?” Yes. Call your blue Members of Congress (MoCs). Most blue senators and House Representatives are in office because big donors got them there. Don’t let them forget who they really work for (you).

When communicating with your senators and representative, here is the preferred order for best results:

1. An in-person visit.

2. A phone call or voicemail.

3. A letter to a local office (DC mail takes 2 weeks to process).

4. An email or fax.

5. Tweets and Facebook comments.

Not sure what to say? Each week we send out a script in our newsletter that you can use when you talk to your rep or their staff. Sign up or read past newsletters to see what we’ve been calling about.

Who are our members of congress? Find out here. (Scroll down for all their contact info.)

We’ve also got state reps who have to opportunity to shape progressive California policy and show the rest of the country what’s possible. Indivisible CA State Strong helps us keep tabs on their votes and gives us a heads up when important bills are coming their way, so we can be in touch to let them know how their constituents would like them to vote.