One call, and a lot of getting out the vote this week!

Tell Rep. Garamendi to insist that we take immediate and dramatic action to reduce carbon emissions


Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent from zip code______ and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to ask Rep Garamendi to sound the alarm and insist that immediate steps be taken to reverse carbon emissions. A new report has now told us that we have ten years to massively reverse the carbon output that is causing global warming. We must act now. I expect Rep Garamendi to make this case loudly and regularly, so it never falls off the congressional radar. I appreciate the work the Congressman has done in the past on climate, but it’s more important than ever to act now. The future of our planet – our future – is at stake.


Read more about the future of our planet here.


Check out the Indivisible StateStrong voting guide

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Our partners at Indivisible StateStrong – the collaboration of Indivisibles across the state – have come together to put together a quick voter guide on the props. Feeling unsure about a proposition? Take a moment to read their position and quick blurb about each prop.


Join our Winning Wednesdays and Tsunami Thursdays to GET OUT THE VOTE

Support candidates to flip CA districts Blue!

Check us out at 720 Olive Dr. Suite E – the Flip the 14 campaign headquarters – every Wednesday and Thursday (excluding Halloween) from now until Election Day!

Join us from 6-8pm to phone- and text-bank, or postcard. Even if you can only come for 20 minutes, we’d love to see you there!

Be sure to bring a fully charged laptop, cell phone, and earbuds/headset!
If you know you won’t be able to bring your device fully charged, bring the correct charging cord for it, and a charging block may be available.

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FILL THE BUS to Canvass for Jackie Rosen in Nevada on November 3rd

We’re filling the bus to head to Nevada the weekend prior to November 6th to get out the vote!

Help us defeat Dean Heller – one of the most vulnerable Republican Senators – by canvassing for Jackie Rosen!

Help us fill the bus, or sponsor a spot if you can’t make it. Let’s knock on doors to get out the vote in the final days before the November 6th Blue Wave!

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