Thank Senator Harris for fighting the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court


“Hi, my name is ____ and my zip code is ____. I’m a member of Indivisible Yolo.

I am contacting the Senator to thank her for her efforts to delay the Kavanaugh nomination, and for speaking out when Republicans release 42,000 pages of pertinent documents just hours before a hearing.

I applaud her efforts and would like to see her continuing to fight this nomination and questioning the validity of these hearings.”


Watch Senator Harris fight back against Kavanaugh’s nomination, and the procedure by which Republicans are attempting to have him confirmed.

Thank Senator Feinstein for demanding a review of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s documents


“My name is __________. I am a constituent, and my zip code is _______. I am a member of Indivisible Yolo.

I’d like to thank Senator Feinstein for her vocal opposition to Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice and for demanding proceedings be delayed until all relevant documents are received and thoroughly reviewed. Please keep up the pressure, and use all means at your disposal to delay his hearing and vote.

What we already know of his views on basic civil rights, consumer rights, environmental protections, reproductive rights, workers’ rights, the ACA and executive power is frightening enough. We need to know what else his record will reveal that makes the Republicans so desperate to hide it from the American people. Furthermore, there must be no hearings for Kavanaugh, as long as Trump is a potential unindicted co-conspirator with Michael Cohen. Please don’t let Senate Republicans steamroll our democratic process!”


Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, has a record against women’s reproductive rights, environmental protection, consumer protection, workers’ rights and common sense gun safety. Most troubling of all, Kavanaugh has said that a sitting President should be exempt from criminal prosecution and investigation, including questioning by prosecutors and defense counsel.

– Kavanaugh tried to block a 17-yr-old detainee’s constitutional right to abortion. His decision was overturned on appeal.
– He opposed a ban on semiautomatic rifles in the District of Columbia.
– He consistently sides with big corporations against workers’ rights and workplace safety.
– He is hostile to environmental protection regulations and has hampered efforts to fight climate change.
– He opposes the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a watchdog agency to prevent mortgage meltdowns like 2007.

Kavanaugh supports an unprecedented level of power and immunity for the President.

– Kavanaugh said that the President does not have to enforce a law if he believes the law is unconstitutional. In our system, only the courts decide if a law is unconstitutional–not the President.
– He said that a sitting President should be exempt from criminal prosecution and investigation, including questioning by prosecutors or defense counsel. This means a President would not even have to answer questions about possible crimes while he is in office.

For all these reasons, Kavanaugh is unsuitable for an appointment to the Supreme Court and should be rejected.


RSVP to the Big Day of Action for CA04 in Davis!


CA04 needs our help! Republican Tom McClintock, who consistently votes for ACA repeal, and can’t even be bothered to live in his own district, is being challenged by Democrat [Jessica Morse](!

Jessica needs our help in turning voters out to the polls, and making sure folks are registered. In addition to canvassing events, we’re doing a Big Day for CA04 in conjunction with Sister District CA03, to get out the vote for Jessica Morse!

Join us at the Yolo County Democratic Party Headquarters (911 Third St., Davis, CA) on Saturday, September 8th from 12:30pm-4:30pm!

No experience necessary! Be sure to RSVP here or on Facebook!