Tell Senators that Gina Haspel is a Torturer. Don’t Let Trump Give Her a Promotion.

Caller: Hi, My name is [name] and I’m a constituent from [part of state] calling about Gina Haspel’s nomination as head of the CIA. I want Senator [name] to immediately and publicly commit to opposing this nomination. Gina Haspel carried out torture and destroyed the evidence. She is completely unqualified to lead the CIA. Will Senator [name] oppose her?

Staffer: Thank you for calling. Senator [name] shares your concerns and will be voting against this nomination.

Caller: I’m very glad to hear that—will [he/she] be making a public statement condemning this choice and urging [his/her] colleagues to oppose, as well?

Staffer: I can relay that to my boss.

Caller: Please do. Haspel is an unacceptable choice and it’s important for the senator not just to oppose her, but to use [his/her] platform to increase pressure for other senators. I’ll be watching for [his/her] statements.

Staffer: Thank you for calling. Senator [name] supports Gina Haspel’s nomination and admires her decades of public service. She did what she was asked to do by her country, in order to keep people safe.

Caller: That’s not acceptable. Torture was, and is, illegal no matter what. There are no exceptions and it’s a crime. “Following orders” is not a justification. Additionally, her cover-up of the crimes through destruction of video evidence is enough in itself for the Senator to oppose her. I urge [him/her] to re-think his position.

Staffer: I’ll relay that to the boss.

Caller: Yes, please do. I am very concerned about this nomination and will be checking back to see if the senator has changed [his/her] position.


Tell Senators to  Reject Mike Pompeo’s Nomination for Secretary of State

Caller: Hi, my name is [name] and I’m a constituent calling from [part of state]. I’m calling because I totally oppose the nomination of Mike Pompeo to serve as Secretary of State. He denies climate science, is a war hawk, and an Islamophobe. I’m concerned he will export Trumpism all over the world if he becomes our top diplomat. Will Senator [name] be voting “no” on his confirmation?

Staffer: Yes, Senator [name] opposes Pompeo’s nomination and will be voting against confirming him.

Caller: That’s great news. I want to see Senator [name] make a clear public statement opposing Pompeo and urging [his/her] colleagues to do the same.

Staffer: I’ll relay that to the boss.

Caller: Thank you, I’ll be watching for that statement.

Staffer: Thank you for sharing your concerns. Senator [name] has concerns about Pompeo and will be sure to ask tough questions at the confirmation hearing.

Caller: That’s not enough—there’s nothing Pompeo can say at his confirmation hearing to change the fact that he would be a dangerous Secretary of State if confirmed. Trump brags that he and Pompeo are very similar, and that is dangerous. I want to see Senator publicly commit to opposing Pompeo.

Staffer: I’ll take that back to the Senator.

Caller: Thank you, I’ll check back soon to see if the Senator has opposed.


Tell MoCs to do everything in their power to rein in Trump’s Syrian escalation

Hello, my name is [name] and I am calling from [part of state] to express my dismay that Trump has again launched an unauthorized and strategy-free strike in Syria.

I’m calling to ask for {PERSON} to do everything in their power to rein in Trump’s escalation and urge the Administration to instead lead with diplomacy to help the people of Syria.

I want to see the United States support the investigation into the attack, and lead with a diplomatic solution to bring the bloodshed to an end. Will {PERSON} pledge to vote against any further force in Syria, and call on the Administration to seek a political solution?

In addition, if we are concerned about the people of Syria, we should immediately resettle more refugees and give them a place to flee this violence. Can [MoC] at least call on the Administration to do that?