How to Get and Use Amplify


We are not currently using Amplify, because we don’t have the resources to administrate. We may use it again in the future if we identify a person to run it.


Amplify is a tool that helps you contact Congressman Garamendi, Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris, and other Yolo representatives. Every week, we put up actions suggested by our membership, that pertain to current events. We research our representatives’ positions, and thank or ask accordingly.

Getting Amplify is simple!

Start by checking out the App Store (if you have an iPhone) or the Google Play Store (if you have an Android device). Unfortunately, Windows phones are not supported by Amplify at this time.

Open the App store by clicking the icon:

and then search ‘Amplify Civic Tools

It should come right up!

Go ahead and click on the icon (where the ‘open’ is, in the picture), and you should see a screen like this:

You can ‘open’ Amplify if you already have it, but more likely you’ll be choosing to ‘get’ Amplify. Don’t worry, it’s free!

Once you’ve downloaded Amplify, it should show up on your home screen

Open by tapping on the icon once. You’ll be prompted with your zip code.

Input your zipcode, and you’ll be asked to put in a team code.

Indivisible Yolo’s team code is 393-849-971

Congrats, you’ve joined Indivisible Yolo’s team! You’ll get a confirmation screen that looks like this:

Connect with facebook (clicking will prompt you to sign in), or join with email (recommended). When you join with email, you’ll put in an email and password to create an account.

Then, you can log in (if you can, confirm your email in the meantime).

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see our team screen, where you can cheer on other folks making calls and showing up to events

To make your own calls, you’ll click on the ‘take action’ fist at the bottom, middle of the screen. It’ll take you to the action tab! There you can see actions to take this week, as well as a tally of all the actions you’ve taken – total, and this week. When you hit a multi-week streak, it’ll show up in your feed, and your friends and fellow activists can love it, cheer it on, and get inspired!

When you click on an action, you’ll see the numbers, a script, and some background on why the action is important, and why the call is directed at that representative.

You can click the ‘Call Office’ button to connect to the D.C. office, or you can choose ‘more offices’ to get more options. It’s recommended to call the office closest to you – especially if you’re calling after hours. Particularly – Dianne Feinstein’s San Francisco office takes messages, but her D.C. office does not.

When you’re done, you’ll be asked if you left a voicemail, talked to a staffer, or weren’t able to get through. It’s important to leave feedback so we know how many folks are calling, and if they’re able to get through. When we meet with our representatives, we take that feedback to them, so they know how many of their constituents are able to make themselves heard, and can adjust their staffing accordingly (i.e. Senator Feinstein hired more staff to take calls).

Then, when you choose an option, you’ll finish completing the action. You can choose to write a post and share it in your feed, which helps others know why that action is important to you, and encourages them to take that action.

And you’re all done! Now go like some posts in your feed, make a few more calls, and know that you’re making a difference!

Want to do more? Have an issue you’re particularly interested in? Know of a bill coming up that deserves attention? Send a call script to or come to one of our General Meetings to discuss with other members and our leadership team.