Tell Senators to End Our Unauthorized War in Yemen

My name is _____ and my zip code is _____.

I’m calling about the joint resolution introduced by Senators Lee and Sanders to end our unauthorized war in Yemen. It is essential for {PERSON} to support this resolution when it comes to the floor for a vote.

Congress has never authorized this war, and evidence shows that the airstrikes the U.S. is supporting are causing a humanitarian crisis and may amount to war crimes. The chaos has allowed terror groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates to gain more power and land. It’s time for {PERSON} to exercise Congress’ constitutional power and end this unauthorized war.


Urge MoCs to Pressure Administration to Prepare Against Cyber-attacks in 2018 Elections

Hello, my name is _____ and I am calling from zip code _____.

I am calling to urge {PERSON} to pressure Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis to authorize U.S. Cyber Command to prepare for potential Russian cyberattacks during the 2018 midterm elections. Can you please tell me what {PERSON} is doing to ensure the integrity of the upcoming elections? This is important to me.


Tell Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry  To Take a Stance on Gun Safety

  • Davis Office: (530) 757-1034

An important bill is coming up in the assembly: AB 2103, the law that will require in-person firearms training before a person can get a concealed carry permit. Has the Assemblymember taken a stand yet?

[if not] Why not? I don’t understand her failure to take a stand on this important issue that has the support of all the gun safety groups. I especially find it upsetting that, heading into the week that our teenagers will be standing up against gun violence, the Assemblymember fails to. Please let her know that I share political information online and in groups I’m a part of. I plan to post each week what her stance is on this issue.