Tell Rep. Garamendi that Democrats need to stand together to protect Dreamers

My name is _______ and I am calling from zip code ______.

I am profoundly disappointed in Rep. Garamendi for not standing with minority leader Pelosi and the majority of Democrats in their fight for the Dreamers. The Democrats made a promise to fight for a clean DACA but when they are not willing to stand strong as a group when needed they will fail.

Paul Ryan wont put a clean DACA up for a vote unless he is forced to do so, it is not in his political interest. Can I trust Rep. Garamendi to stand with the rest of the Democrats to make sure this happens next time the CR runs out?


Call on Senators to continue to support a “clean” DREAM Act

Hi! My name is [name] and I live in [part of state].

First I’d like to thank the Senator for her fight for the Dreamers so far. I’m calling to tell {PERSON} that we need to pass a clean Dream Act, now. 122 Dreamers have been losing their DACA protections every day since Trump announced the end of the program back in September, and starting on March 5 that number will rise to over 1,200 a day. Dreamers are Americans too, and by failing to act Congress is letting Trump and his deportation force enact the administration’s white supremacist agenda.

Dreamers are not a bargaining chip to be used to advance Trump’s racist policies. Every Congressional leader AND Trump himself supports keeping Dreamers in America because it’s the only home they’ve ever known; Congress must keep the promise that we made to Dreamers when DACA was first started. I ask that {PERSON} vote to permanently protect them from deportation and oppose the family ban, more ICE agents, and the border wall.

Tell Rep. Garamendi to Stand up for the Disabled Community and Vote No on HR620

Hello, my name is _________ and I am a constituent from zip code ______.

I am calling today about HR620, the ADA Education and Reform Act. I am very concerned about the implications this bill. ADA has existed for 27 years and yet disabled people still faces a lot of limitations in their daily life. This bill significantly slows down the process for removing barriers for the disabled and practically removes any incentive for businesses to remove barriers pro-actively.
I urge the Representative to oppose this dismantling of the ADA and stand up for the disabled community.