Blog Call Scripts the Week of September 25, 2017


Tell your Members of Congress to Deliver Emergency Funding to Puerto Rico

Hi, my name is ______ and my zip code is _______. I’m a member of IndivisibleYolo.

I am deeply concerned that Congress and the Trump administration have not provided adequate assistance to Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. 3.5 million Americans live in Puerto Rico, and right now they need federal support. Hurricane Maria has devastated the Island, leaving at least ten dead, and millions without power. Puerto Rico deserves the same immediate federal response that victims of Hurricane Harvey received.

I am asking the Senator/Representative to lead a legislative effort in Congress to deliver emergency funding to the people of Puerto Rico, who are citizens of the United States and deserving of our help.


Stop TrumpCare by asking red-state constituents to call their Senators!

Click here to sign up to make phone calls from our peer-to-peer dialing tool.

Your tireless (and loud!) constituent power killed TrumpCare in July. And now, millions of people are depending on you to do it again. But if you live in a state with two Democratic Senators who oppose the ACA, you may be asking yourself: what more can I do? How can I influence persuadable Republicans in red states who may be on the fence?

You’ll get an email confirmation with a login, password, and URL to sign into our system. Once signed in, you can start making calls immediately — and they’ll give you a script to make it as easy as possible!

Tell your Senators to Fight against Graham-Cassidy Act

Hi, my name is ______ and my zip code is _____. I’m a member of Indivisible.

I’m calling to ask the Senator to oppose the Graham-Cassidy Act, which is essentially TrumpCare 3.0. It still destroys Medicaid as we know it by fundamentally and permanently transforming the program into a per-capita cap.. The bill also still undermines protections for people with pre-existing conditions and people who need treatment for opioid abuse by allowing states to waive essential health benefits.


Tell Rep. Garamendi to Stand up for the Disabled Community and Vote No on HR620

Hello, my name is _________ and I am a constituent from zip code ______.

I am calling today about HR620, the ADA Education and Reform Act. I am very concerned about the implications this bill. ADA has existed for 27 years and yet disabled people still faces a lot of limitations in their daily life. This bill significantly slows down the process for removing barriers for the disabled and practically removes any incentive for businesses to remove barriers pro-actively.

I urge the Representative to oppose this dismantling of the ADA and stand up for the disabled community.

Tell your representatives to fight for long term solutions to climate catastrophes

Hello, my name is ________, and I am a constituent from zip code____________.

I am calling today to talk about climate change.

As the record hurricanes devastate the South East our most immediate concern is to take care of the victims and get communities rebuilt. However, it is hugely important that we also talk about long term solutions to avoid future events like these.

Long term, however, we MUST start taking climate change seriously. It is time to invest in alternative energy and make real steps towards reducing our nation’s carbon footprint. Continuing to rely on fossil fuels will not only speed up climate change and leave us with more climate catastrophes like the hurricanes, it will also put our industries at a disadvantage in the long run.

I know that the representative already takes climate change seriously but it is time to speak up on its urgency.


Thank Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry for supporting SB54

Hi, my name is _____ and my zip code is _____. I am a member of IndivisibleYolo.

I’m calling to thank assemblymember Aguiar-Curry for supporting SB54. It is important that we as Californians stand up to the Trump administration against their attempt to vilify immigrants. I hope she will continue to fight for the integrity of the bill and not let it get watered down with amendments.


Urge Governor Brown to support the current form of SB 54, which would make California a sanctuary state

Hello, my name is _____ and I am from ____________. I am also a member of IndivisibleYolo.

I’m calling Governor Brown to ask him to withdraw his proposed amendments to SB 54. SB 54 is intended to shield California’s immigrants from persecution by the Trump administration, and his amendments would undo critical components of the bill. I am particularly concerned that the amendments would direct California’s prisons and jails to comply with unconstitutional immigration detainees. I’m asking the Governor to support SB 54 as written, not to weaken its protections for undocumented Californians.


Ask Representatives to investigate ICE request to start destroying records

ICE has asked the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA), which instructs federal agencies on how to maintain records, to approve its timetable for retaining or destroying records related to its detention operations. Given the history of the Trump administration and their view on immigrants this is very alarming. This is largely happening under the radar, so the primary function of our first call to our Representatives is simply to make them aware of the issue.

The example script below includes a request speaking out against the destruction of the records. If you do not feel comfortable with that we urge you to still call and simply ask the representatives  if they have looked into the issue. When we called they were not even aware the request had been made and often it takes more than a couple of concerned constituents to make them even look into a problem.

More information here

I am calling because I am concerned about the request of ICE to destroy records related to detention operations. It worries me especially given the disdain the Trump administration already have shown for justice. I would like Rep. Garamendi to speak up against the destruction of these records since it reduces transparency and accountability and makes it harder for victims to get justice.