You have more power than you realize – use it!

We are so inspired to see all of you jumping in and getting involved in record numbers. We’re working hard to let you know what you can do to take action and effect change through making our Members of Congress listen to us as their constituents. But you don’t have to wait for us to show up and make your voices heard! Indivisible is all about getting the knowledge and tools into your hands so you can take the initiative and amplify your voice in the most effective way possible.

So if you have an idea for an action where you show up where your member of congress or their staff is, do it! Don’t wait for approval or permission, it is your right to ask your representative to represent you. The way we can help you do that is by sharing your action with everyone in the district. Before you go, let us know, and we can tell other people so they can join you. If you don’t have time before to get in touch, take pictures and videos of your visits and share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or at and we can publicize your activism.

Giving others the opportunity to join you and spreading the word about the action you’ve taken magnifies your impact, inspires others to action and is a demonstration of the massive uprising we are currently witnessing. It lets us all know that we are in this together, that this is a movement that is building and that will last.

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