Talking immigration with Rep. Garamendi’s staff

Indivisible Yolo members met again today with Rep. Garamendi’s staff in his Davis office to continue our conversation regarding our nation’s outdated immigration system. We are particularly concerned about a 14 year old currently held in detention right here in Woodland. This boy, identified in this article only as G.E. due to his young age, fled violence in his home country, courageously crossing through two nations to seek safety in the United States, only to be incarcerated on arrival. G.E. has been held in federal detention for one year and continues to be held despite being granted asylum last month.

In addition to G.E’s case, we discussed with Rep. Garamendi’s staff the plight of the multiple other children currently held in Woodland’s Juvenile Hall on behalf of the Office of Refugee Resettlement and requested that Rep. Garamendi share with the public the heartbreaking stories of these heroic children. We asked that Rep. Garamendi use his public position to frame our nation’s treatment of immigrants, particularly these children fleeing violence, as a question of who we want to be as a country, whether the United States of America believes that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and supports families or whether the United States of America is a country that locks up terrified children and rips families apart.

Rep. Garamendi is working on a array of important issues, but we believe that protecting each other is of the highest priority. If this is going to be a priority for Rep. Garamendi as well, Indivisible Yolo members will have to continue to make that request. Please come to the rally for G.E. and call Garamendi’s offices to ask that he voice our pride in the United States as a nation of immigrants and fight for an immigration system that reflects that pride. We believe Rep Garamendi will prioritize making our immigration system reflect true American values if we show him that it is important to us.


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