Shop around to find the right activism fit for you

If we said it once, we’ve said it a million times, finding something you are passionate about and doing it with people you like is the key to sustained involvement in activism, which is essential to take back our country from people like Trump. This new political energy we are seeing has to become a lasting lifestyle change and that only happens if you love doing it. So shop around until you find the right fit. Check out the events on the Yolo Justice and Action Network’s Facebook page, or the Local Advocacy/Activism page on our website for great local organizations.
Once such opportunity is coming up on Sunday! Check out this message from YCP:
Hi Yolo County Progressives,
Luanna here. The last Sunday of the month is upon us and i the Executive Board meeting. This is of course open to all. Since it is still April, an even month, the meeting will be held in Davis at 1517 Oak Avenue on April 30th at 6:30 to 8:30 pm. We will be planning the agenda for our May membership meeting which will be held on May10th at 6:30 to 8:30 pm in Woodland location to be announced.
Hope to see you there!

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