Sacramento Tax March

We are marching for transparency from our President/Commander in Chief – Who represents us! No conflict of interest should be allowed to govern our country. No hidden ties to autocratic Russian government. No kickbacks for shady deals. It’s time to demand transparency and justice!

The Sacramento Tax March as our next activity to demonstrate our opposition to the Trump Administration and our solidarity with a broad coalition of opposition groups seeking to hold power accountable. More about the march is available at the TaxMarchSacramento facebook and webpages.

The Sacramento Tax March is part of over 100 Tax Marches nationally – Sacramento is getting a huge response and is likely to be one of the top ten largest marches on April 15th demanding Trump hand over his tax records!

Where – Assemble at Southside Park at 11:30AM. We will begin to march at 12:15PM. We will rally at the Capitol Steps beginning at 1PM – Program is scheduled to continue until 2:30 pm


Indivisible Yolo will be boarding a Yolo Bus (42B) at 5th and D at 10:20 am Saturday April 15th destined for the Capital Mall (11:09) where we will then walk to South Park in plenty of time (figure arriving at 11:30 – right on time!) March starts at 12:15 pm. Bus costs $1.10 per rider (one way) Free protest song sheets for riders and the willing to give voice to our peaceful protest.
— You can also catch the bus (if it’s not all full up) at Mace and Chiles (last Davis stop) at 10:45 — or 45min past the hour on Sat.

March to the capital where there will be speakers who will give voice our solidarity in holding government accountable and removing the veil of secrecy from where our President makes his decisions. He’s made so many good ones so far – NOT! Why would we trust him! Show us where the money is Donald! Show us where the money is major parties -it makes no difference – we want the political elite to show us where they put their dollars. It’s our public policy not theirs. More details from Tax March Sacramento (below)

So fill the Bus – it’ll hold 75, which should make for an awesome #ProtestPartyBus! Sign up for a spot here:…

We want Indivisible Yolo volunteers to help with making signs and helping with the Sacramento Tax March duties.
· Sign making party!
· Indivisible Yolo Tax March volunteers – ahem! This is our Indivisible Yolo sign up – make our march better!

We also need you to follow and show you are attending the Sacramento April 15th Tax March – the more numbers – the more influence – the more our public officials pay attention. Here’s the event link.
· Volunteer directly with Sacramento Tax March here.

TO RETURN – Yolo Bus 42A caught at L and 13th on 30 minutes past the hour – once an hour, Capital mall at 7th 3 minutes late
Scott Ragsdale, Indivisible Yolo (Davis)

Indivisible national and Indivisible Yolo is a non-partisan resistance to our autocratic federal government now represented by the Trump Administration. He sold us a bill of goods and a lot of people find themselves in the same hole (just deeper) than before he was elected. We want all the voices for decency in government – join us!

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