Rally for G.E., 14 year old Honduran refugee, release yesterday after nearly a year of detention

Regarding our event today:
We rally to celebrate G.E.’s freedom and welcome him to Yolo, and equally to remember: he is not the only one. To the other refugee kids arbitrarily detained here- we have not forgotten you!
Today a 14 year old refugee who walked across a continent to escape violence has been freed, sent to a loving foster home where he will get the chance to flourish that every kid deserves. He had earned asylum but was inexplicably detained, coming up on a year in jail for no crime until San Francisco Legal Services for Children and the UC Davis Immigration Law Clinic took on his case. Reporters brought this injustice to light, then Indivisible Yolo took it directly to Rep Garamendi’s staff, who worked tenaciously to get G.E. out of jail. Yolo County truly stepped up to do right by this kid. We at Indivisible Yolo are overjoyed to be part of this victory, and we rally to welcome him to our community where kids from all over the world can grow up together.
But we must remember that G.E. is not the only one. Two doors down from G.E.’s detention center there was a brand new high school, and he wondered if the students knew that kids a lot like them were locked up indefinitely so close by. According to recent court filings, there are several more. We want them to know that we aren’t going anywhere until each one of these kids gets fair treatment, and none remain forgotten and invisible.
#Indivisible #RallyforGE #Resist #WeWillWin

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