Nunes Recusal is Evidence of the Power of the People

Yes, it remains to be seen whether Rep Mike Conaway (R-FL) will do any better. Yes, we still need an independent commission, and yes, this fight is not over. But make no mistake. Nunes’ recusal is a victory for the people.

Under no circumstances did Rep Devin Nunes, the ambitious politician, want to fail in the role that has put him in the national spotlight. Under no circumstances did the the GOP leadership want to suggest that one of their own had at best caused the house investigation to lose credibility and at worst conspired to obstruct the investigation.

Only through growing public outrage, channeled effectively to our representatives and fueled by relentless investigative journalism, was Nunes’ recusal achieved.

In recent months, it has been easy to feel despondent, to believe that the balance of power has already been lost, that lies can be told with impunity, that a few powerful men can roll back decades of progress, that government does not in fact work for us. But Nunes’ recusal is the latest in a string of victories that demonstrates how much power we the people have when we use our voices.

Let’s refresh. Since inauguration our voices have…

Prevented the House from abolishing the Office of Congressional Ethics (critically important right now).

Forced Attorney General Sessions to recuse himself from any Trump Russia investigations (Can you imagine if he were currently part of this investigation?)

Halted the implementation of not 1 but 2 Muslim bans. (unthinkable if those bans were in effect now while Assad is attacking his own people with chemical weapons).

Prevented a vote on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. (that Republicans have promised for 7 years and have taken 60 symbolic votes on during that time).

And now… forced Rep Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation of Russian interference in our election.

So take a moment to appreciate this victory, and then, let’s get back to work, holding our members of Congress accountable, supporting our fellow resisters in other districts as they hold their members of congress accountable, and financially supporting good investigative journalism. #Resist #ProtectTheTruth and #WeWillWin!

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