Marching for Transparency in Government

Two overflowing busloads of us joined grassroots groups from all over California at the Sacramento Tax March to demand the transparency in government that Trump refuses to give. And we had a great time doing it!  We marched and filled the capitol plaza to defend our democracy from corruption of its basic rules. Trump is the first president to violate longstanding custom and our constitution by hiding his taxes and running businesses all over the world, ruling our country to enrich himself.

We marched for the truth: why would a president hide his returns if he were an honest businessman with no criminal or treasonous connections? As one sign said: Remember Al Capone! But there’s one thing about his finances he can’t hide: unlike most of America, Trump is in the top 1% of 1% who got richer while much of the country that elected him has gotten poorer and sicker. He campaigned on reversing this but his crony connections won’t let him keep his promise.

The march’s big lesson was that the progressive grassroots is growing in strength all over America. This week a progressive candidate rode this wave to nearly overturn a blood-red Kansas district–and we’re only getting stronger.  It turns out we’re pretty good at organizing, we love getting together to turn the country around, and we’re just ramping up.

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