Letter from G.E.

We are happy to say that our members were able to get G.E. a duffel bag of new clothes upon his release on Monday. Below is the letter we sent with it and the touching letter he wrote back.
Hello G E,
We know you only as G E, your full name has been kept confidential to protect your privacy. We are members of an organization called Indivisible Yolo. Part of our work involves helping people like you who face very difficult immigration challenges.
We are so very happy that finally your long journey to begin a new life in the United States will now go in a direction that we hope will be rewarding for you.
The things in the bag, and the bag itself, are for you to use and enjoy. Without knowing your sizes we did the best we could to find clothes that we hope will fit you.
The Red Sox baseball hat may look slightly used. It belonged to a Red Sox fan who hopes you might bring the team good luck if you choose to wear it.
As you begin this next phase of your life know that many people have been very moved by your story and because of it will try to assist other young people who face what you have experienced.
Our hopes and good wishes go with you G E, may happiness and good fortune be yours from now on.
Vaya con Dios G E,
Your friends at
Indivisible Yolo
Como ha estado? Espero que bien. Lei su carta, y si voy a tomar un buen camino y hacer lo mejor posible para mejorar y ayudar a mi familia.
Me gusta la gorra de Red Sox, ahora soy un fan de los Red Sox. Muchas gracia por sus regalos. Los voy a cuidar y utilizarlos de buen modo. Espero concocerlo aluguan vez en persona.
Con mucho carino,
How have you been? I hope well. I read your letter, and I will take the right path and do the best possible to improve and help my family.
I like the Red Sox hat, now I am a Red Sox fan, thank you so much for your gifts. I will take care of them and utilize them in a good way. I hope to meet you sometime in person.
With love,

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