Indivisible Yolo members meet with Senator Feinstein’s State Director

Indivisible Yolo members had the privilege of meeting with Senator Feinstein’s State Director Sean Elsbernd last week. We shared with Sean our frustration at our inability to get through to  Senator Feinstein’s offices by phone and our concern that she has not held a town hall meeting. Sean told us that Senator Feinstein is hearing her constituents, that she gets daily tallies of constituent positions from emails as well as calls, and that Senator Feinstein understands our need for face to face communication via a town hall.

Additionally we asked that Senator Feinstein filibuster SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch, telling Sean that we feel that a lifetime appointment to a stolen SCOTUS seat by a president whose legitimacy is increasingly in question was exactly the kind of crisis that called for use of the filibuster. Sean indicated he had been hearing the same request for Senator Feinstein to support a filibuster on the Gorsuch nomination from other Indivisible groups.

Finally, we asked that Senator Feinstein step up her opposition to the Trump agenda. We understand that Senator Feinstein, in Sean’s words, is a workhorse not a show horse. However, we voiced to Sean our opinion that the current exceptional political situation warrants a rejection of a business-as-usual approach.  Senator Feinstein’s constituents need to be reassured that she understands the game has changed, the stakes have never been higher, and new tactics are warranted. In particular, we asked that Senator Feinstein do everything in her power to shine light on the interactions of the Trump campaign, transition team, and administration with Russia.

Indivisible Yolo’s take home messages from the  meeting:

1) Californians need to keep calling and emailing Senator Feinstein to hold town hall meetings with her constituents.

2) Californians need to continue calling and emailing Senator Feinstein to demand she filibuster the Gorsuch nomination to the SCOTUS.

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