Sample Scripts

Calling our congressional representatives en masse is one of the hallmarks of the Indivisible guide and a proven strategy that worked for the Tea Party. When you call, be brief, respectful, and stick to a single topic. Below are some sample scripts to get you started.

The national team puts out excellent scripts and updates them frequently.

Oppose the American Health Care Act (GOP’s ACA Replacement)

I’m calling to thank Congressman Garamendi for his support of the ACA, and I would like to ask that if he truly believes, as I do, that it can be challenging to access affordable healthcare in this country, he should do everything he can to protect the historic gains of the Affordable Care Act. This includes doing everything in his power to prevent House Republicans from moving forward with their Trumpcare bill that was released only 40 hours before the first committee votes.

Will Congressman Bob do everything he can to stop the Trump Administration and the Congress from dismantling the ACA? Will you commit, publicly, to opposing any congressional action on ANY ACA repeal bill, including Trumpcare, that does not preserve the historic coverage and affordability gains of the ACA? This is extremely important to me and I will be watching closely.

[In addition, Rep Garamendi has asked for stories from his constituents about how the ACA has helped them – please submit those at GaramendiStories@mail dot house dot gov] 

Oppose Jay Clayton for SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Chair

Hi, I’m calling to ask about Senator Harris/Feinstein’s position with regards to the most conflicted nominee for SEC Chair in the history of our country. If not, I would like to ask that they come out vocally and publicly against the nomination of Jay Clayton.

The SEC is critical to the financial security of millions of Americans, myself included. Jay Clayton has spent his entire career helping Wall Street banks skirt the rules and rake in profits, including in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Jay Clayton is wholly unqualified to lead the SEC. Here are my concerns: We need an SEC Chair who has a proven track record of putting the financial security of ordinary Americans before the bottom line of Wall Street. I expect Senator Harris/Feinstein to publicly state her opposition to Jay Clayton’s wholly unacceptable nomination to prove that she is on the side of the American people.

I would like to add that if Senator Harris/Feinstein truly believes, as I do, that Jay Clayton is unqualified to Chair the SEC, she should do everything she can to oppose Clayton’s nomination. This means making public statements or delivering a floor speech opposing Clayton’s nomination in an effort to prevent the wholesale takeover of our government by Wall Street.

Combat Donald Trump’s Arch-Conservative SCOTUS Pick Neil Gorsuch

I’m calling to oppose Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch has a long track record of decisions that put corporations above regular Americans like me. He also has extreme views on campaign finance reform and women’s and worker’s rights, and he wants judges to be able to scrap environmental and labor regulations made by scientists experts to protect our health, safety, and financial well-being. I expect the Senator to take a firm stance on nominees, like Judge Gorsuch, who sit far outside the judicial mainstream. [and to use her position as ranking member of the Judiciary Committee to convince her peers to vote against this nominee, as well.]

In addition, I expect Senator Feinstein/Harris to take a strong stand in support of the filibuster. In the history of our country, every single justice to sit on the Supreme Court has received the approval of a filibuster proof majority. This is a vital check-and-balance in our democracy, and an important function of the United States Senate. Supreme Court justices enjoy lifetime terms, and they should not be selected on the temporary whims on on political party or the other. I will be watching closely what the Senator does on this issue and will cast my vote accordingly.

Demand President Trump’s Tax Returns (H.R. 186)

I’m calling to thank Congressman Garamendi for co-sponsoring House Resolution 186. I’d also like to say that if Representative Garamendi truly believes, as I do, that the American people deserve the truth from the President, then he should do everything he can to promote the full disclosure of any of his potential conflicts of interest—particularly about Trump’s business dealings in Russia. This means speaking out for the full and complete release of President Trump’s tax returns and the release of all financial information about the President’s ongoing business relationships.

I’m happy to see that Representative Garamendi  not only supports but is co-sponsoring H.Res. 186 and the disclosure of any of the President’s conflicts of interest. But will he support and encourage his colleagues on the Ways and Means Committee to pass this bill to the floor? In addition, will he support any Congressional investigation that leads to the release of President Trump’s tax returns and more information about his business dealings in Russia?

Trump’s Defense Bill

I’m calling to let Rep. Garamendi know that I am disappointed in his vote to approve the defense appropriations bill. We should not be continuing with business as usual. I’m especially concerned that this version of the bill takes funds that could be used for domestic programs and instead adds tens of thousands of troops over the original defense request. I expect Rep. Garamendi to vote against all bills that support the corrupt Trump agenda.


Hi, my name is [x] and I’m a constituent — my zipcode is [x]. I’m calling to express support for the BRIDGE Act, which will help Dreamers keep their protected status and stop Trump from using confidential personal information for deportation. It is incredibly important to me that my Senator/Congressperson show support for our nation’s immigrant population, and I am incredibly disheartened by the way the current administration has been essentially rounding up immigrants from deportation. I believe the BRIDGE Act is an important part of a larger solution. Please let the Senator know that his/her vote on the BRIDGE Act is important to me, and I will be watching closely to see how he/she comes out on this, as well as other immigration related issues.

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Affordable Care Act

I am calling to ask my [Senator or Representative] to vote NO on the repeal of the ACA and the mandates which help Obamacare function. The ACA has made it possible for 20 million more Americans to get health insurance, reduced the uninsured rate to the lowest in history, and made health insurance within reach for millions of people. It also offers important consumers protections that protect Americans’ the health and financial security. We should not return to the time when a family was an illness away from bankruptcy, and taxpayers had to pay $75 to $125 BILLION to cover the costs of care for the uninsured. Please vote NO on repealing the ACA/Obamacare without plans for a simultaneous replacement.

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The Affordable Care Act

Muslim Ban

ACLU’s Statement:

‘Extreme vetting’ is just a euphemism for discrimination against Muslims. Identifying specific countries with Muslim majorities and carving out exceptions for minority religions flies in the face of the constitutional principle that bans the government from either favoring or discriminating against particular religions. Any effort to discriminate against Muslims and favor other religions runs afoul of the First Amendment.

Presidential Accountability Act (cosponsored by Reps Garamendi and Matsui)

I’m calling about HR 6340, Rep. Katherine Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act. Clark’s bill would would increase our homeland security by ensuring the homeland comes before the president’s personal interests; and it would ensure that the president is not immune from investigation. I’m calling to ask that you do your job, as a legislator and an American, and make sure Rep. Clark’s bill passes.

Presidential Tax Transparency Act

I’m calling to voice my support for HR305, the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which would give the public honest insight into the president-elect’s actions, values and foreign business dealings. A president’s tax returns should be a matter of public record; there is no excuse for Donald Trump to play by a different set of rules. I am dismayed that Rep (Garamendi/Matsui) is not listed as a cosponsor of this bill.

Russian intervention in elections

Hello, I am one of your constituents in California. I am concerned about the possible foreign intervention from Russia into our presidential election. I encourage you to join your fellow GOP senators and representatives in calling for a full inquiry. This is not a democratic or republican issue. Our nation is founded on free and fair elections, and foreign intervention puts our democracy at risk. History, and voters, will not look kindly on representatives in Congress who looked the other way when a foreign government infiltrated our elections. Thank you.

Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

Hello, I am one of your constituents in California. I am concerned about Trump’s many conflicts of interest. Passing control of his business interests to his children is not enough; he needs to completely divest and place his assets in a blind trust. Congressional Republicans are our best hope for providing checks and balances on Trump. Republicans who blindly accept Trump’s words and actions put our Democracy at risk, and set precedent for future administrations from either party. History, and voters, will reward only those who oppose Trump’s ethical lapses. Thank you for listening.

Trump Hotel

Donald Trump needs to fully divest from the Trump Hotel and all other holdings. We cannot have a president who puts his personal interests ahead of those of the country.

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