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Some of our members were at one of the ACLU’s People Power meetings today and their organizers kindly shared the meeting notes with us so you all can see the work they are doing. More info on People Power

Meeting Notes

April 2nd, 2017

Meeting began with an informal roll out of information by E.H., A.R, and J.N. The following information was reported:

City of Davis Police – 9 Freedom Cities policies

Policy 1 – YES – per US Constitution (4th amendment) & CA Law

Policy 2 – YES – per US Constitution (4th amendment) & CA Law

Policy 3 – YES – per CA Truth Act, took effect 1-1-2017

Policy 4 – YES – per CA Truth Act  and CA Trust Act, took effect 1-1-2014

Policy 5 – YES – per City of Davis Sanctuary City Ordinance

Policy 6 – MIXED – “Yes,” to the extent of Federal Rule 8 USC $1373.   Police do not

have a jail, so it doesn’t usually apply.

Policy 7 – YES – per US Constitution (14th Amendment) and Davis PD policy

Policy 8 – YES – per City of Davis Sanctuary City Ordinance. Additionally, Police are

audited monthly by a “Police Auditor” who reports directly to the

City Manager, Dirk Brazil.

Policy 9 – YES – US Constitution (14th amendment) and Dept. policy


UC Davis Police – 9 Freedom Cities policies

A.R. met one-on-one with Interim Chief Jennifer Garcia

They briefly reviewed the 9 Freedom Cities policies

Garcia was largely supportive and noted that UC Admin/President have been suppotive of the undocumented community

But she distinguished between “undocumented students” and “undocumented criminals”

She agreed to review the 9 Freedom Cities policies and then meet with a larger group

A. R. will schedule that week, ideally within the first 2 weeks of the quarter


Yolo County Sheriff – 9 Freedom Cities policies

“No” to all 9

Took issue with the language of “SHALL”

Willing to sign on if the word is “SHOULD”

Sheriff didn’t mention the constitution at all

Staff trained not to ask for immigration status

He doesn’t allow ICE in his facilities, including the jail

He doesn’t volunteer information such as release dates

He doesn’t do anything special for ICE

Anecdotally shared ICE asking for release date/time/location and the he had not not complied

Sheriff does outreach and is bilingual, related that he knows about discrimination

City of Woodland & Woodland School District has been contacted by Sheriff’s office


Sacramento Sheriff & ICE

Sacramento County Jail works to transfer incarcerated individuals directly to ICE detention

In short, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones currently works hand in hand with ICE



There was then some discussion of SB54 and recent changes that were made to appeal to more conservative state senators. They include:

  1. Allow local PD to contact ICE w/o a warrant if the person was previously deported for a violent felony
  2. Allow name/date if that info is freey
  3. ICE may interview/transfer is there is a judicial warrant
  4. Local PD can participate in joint task force so long as it’s not primarily an immigration issue
  5. Public libraries are SAFE ZONES


It was decided that it would be useful to address these concerns with local lawmakers and policy enforcers when we speak to them. This led to a discussion of our next action items.


Action Items


  • Contact other local Davis People Power hosts to consolidate contact lists, Google groups, and any other organizing materials
  • Collaborate with them to schedule our next meeting (April 16th)



  • Schedule a meeting with UC Davis Police Chief
  • Reach out to campus groups – Muslim Student Association/AB540 to invite them to meeting



  • Call John Garamendi – 530-753-5301 – “When/where will you be holding your town hall meeting during the upcoming Congressional recess?


  • Call State Senator Bill Dodd to support SB54
    • Vacaville: (707) 454-3808
    • Sacramento: (916) 651-4003


The meeting concluded with a report out of other known resources and stakeholders in the community. A special spotlight should be put on the work on Indivisible Yolo, please see their on-going events below. Links and resources for other group is also provided.


Indivisible Yolo

Indivisible Yolo Organizer Meeting

Monday April 3rd

7:00 pm @ Bet Haverim

1715 Anderson Road

Davis, CA


St. Luke’s Potluck Dinner & “Know Your Rights” Event

April 4th – 6:00pm

St. Luke’s Episcopal

515 Second Street

Woodland, CA 95695


Tax Day March

Sign Making Party on April 11th 

Bus to Sacramento for Demonstration on April 15th



More External Resources/Stakeholders


Finally, the ACLU has provided further guidance on laws and policies that are particularly useful in the state of California. Please find them below:


(1)    Pass a sanctuary policy. The ACLU of CA Sanctuary Toolkit has model policies and ordinances that can be adopted at different levels of local government. See


(2)    Non-Compliance Include a policy to ensure non-cooperation with any identity-based registry like the ordinance just passed in San Francisco, or a city policy based on the same idea:


(3)    Support SB 54, the California Values Act

State legislation that would ensure that all Californians can rely on and access police, schools, hospitals, and courthouses without fear of deportation. SB 54 faces significant law enforcement opposition right now. Law enforcement agencies need to hear from you that you support the bill and that you do not want your police and sheriffs’ departments facilitating deportations. Here’s a sample letter that supportive law enforcement can send to the bill’s author:


(4)    Fully implement AB 953, the Racial and Identity Profiling Act. Ask your law enforcement leaders: What’s the department’s policy on racial and identity profiling? What are they doing about data collection? Will they analyze their data and report it to the public? Will they take action to commit to non-biased policing?

Would you agree to deputize officers to make ICE arrests?

Sanctuary policies extend beyond the UC Davis campus?


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